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The Terror Factor


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  • The Terror Stalkers (Die Terror Stalker)

    (Please turn on subtitles)
    A group of serial killers who have set up a group "The Flesh Mob" They are members of very royal serial killer families like the Jack The Rippers, the Eddy Geins... and they collect human flesh, arms, legs, eyes, ears and some of them even are cannibals.

  • Murderous Grapefruit

    A movie within a movie, filmed on the set of a movie. Grapefruitception?

  • Deadwind: The Sharting Dead

    A factory worker goes to his job drunk, and unfortunately for him, he happens to work at the most volatile burrito factory in the world, Bean Co. After passing out drunk, he releases the foulest smelling gas ever. Instead of a bad day for some, it turns people into farting zombies! Opposite of th...