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Watch this video and more on Troma NOW

Belcebu: Diabolos Lesbos



  • Dolphinman Battles The Sex Lobsters

    Directed By: John Brennan
    Starring: Doug Sakmann, Zac Amico, Gibson Merrick, Amanda Flowers, and Elizabeth D'Ambrosio

    Sgt. Kabukiman contracts a deadly new STD, The Sex Lobsters, and unknowingly spreads it around while visiting Tromaville's best orgy spots. Only Dolphinman can find the cure ...

  • Dolphinman vs Turkeyman

    Turkeyman is murdering Tromaville citizens with toxic gravy! Only Dolphinman can save the day!

    Happy Thanksgiving from Troma Entertainment!

  • Frostbiter

    Directed by Tom Chaney
    Starring Ron Asheton, Lori Baker, Patrick Butler

    FROSTBITER is a chillling testament to the evil of a deadly creature of the North. According to Native American lore, it will rise to strike terror into the hearts of those who desecrate its resting place! With a group ...