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Watch this video and more on Troma NOW


  • Theatre of the Deranged 3

    Directors: Michael Leo Centi, Jason Figgis
    Stars: Jennifer Nangle, Michael Q. Schmidt, Tony Newton

    Horror Hostess Mavlolia: the Queen of Screams invites you to join her on a fear-filled evening where she shares five terrifying tales. This evening full of comedy and tragedy may make you laugh...

  • Patient 23

    When you try to play good, the devil will join in! In this old school 80's grindhouse style film Dr. Santiago (Jessica Barrish) has been testing on prisoners a vaccine that will change the world. What she did not know is how it would change


    Directed by Will Zens
    Starring Michael Hawkins, Mary Cannon, Doodles Weaver
    There’s a war going on between rival trucker gangs, and the Trucker’s Woman is out to gain control for herself. She’ll let nothing stand in her way. She’ll break your heart and crack open your skull.