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Watch this video and more on Troma NOW

Alien Snails From Uranus



  • Lamaze Classes

    Kate is pregnant but her boyfriend Josh doesn't have a clue. This is until his roommate Mike spills the tea. A hilarious film; a comedic triad trapped in a messed up situation about babies, lamaze classes, mothers-in-law and a little school of...pipefish.

  • Timmy Miller Has A Heavy Head

    In a bout of planomania, Timmy Miller wends his way through the selcouth chasing a newly found apantomancy. Upon seeking the nepenthe, Miller encounters a myriad of curious characters who have him suspect that all is not as it seems - or is it?

  • Anything Boys Can Do...

    With the upsurge of women involvement in the scene, female musicians are all too often regarded as novelty acts, regularly shrugged off as militant feminists or cutely entertaining. Overwhelmed by the number of male bands, female bands of the scene are lumped together in one category, "girl group...