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  • Squeeze Play

    Directed by Lloyd Kaufman
    Starring Jenni Hetrick, Jim Harris, Diana Valentien, Helen Campitelli, Sonya Jennings, Melissa Michaels, Rick Giltin, Alford Corley

    SQUEEZE PLAY is the first and most seminal of the sexy comedies of the late 70's. Before there was PORKY'S, there was SQUEEZE PLAY, a hil...

  • L.A. Crackdown 2

    Directed by Joseph Merhi
    Starring Pamela Dixon, Anthony Gates

    On the streets of LA, a madman is brutally murdering the ladies of the night. The only cop man enough to track this psycho down is no man. And she must protect the hookers from the sleaze that threatens the very fabric of their e...

  • Contra Conspiracy

    Directed by Tom DeWeir
    Starring Michael Williams, Tom Maher, Blake Banner

    When a Hollywood film crew took over the Mojave Desert, they thought they were making the action adventure movie of the year. Little did the filmmakers know they would live it, too!