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  • Grindsploitation 666

    Directors: Tony Newton, Michael Leo Centi, et al.
    Stars: Lloyd Kaufman, Logan Fry, Dawna Lee Heising

    Faux horror film trailers featuring witchcraft, demons, devils and a lot of satanic and schlocky fun. More gun's n'babes, hunks in trunks and slime filled Grindhouse and Exploitation shorts.

  • Schlocksploitation: Grindsploitation 5

    Directors: Tony Newton, Adeel Abbasi, et al.
    Stars: Nadia White, Sammie Lei, Jesse L. Green, et. al.

    An exploitation anthology from twisted minds that brought you Grindsploitation, Grindsploitation 2: The Lost Reels , Grindsploitation 3: Video Nasty, and Grindsploitation 4: Meltsploitation!

  • Grindsploitation 4: Meltsploitation

    Directors: Dustin Ferguson, Jason Figgis (et. al.)
    Stars: Lloyd Kaufman, Hetty Baynes, Peter Stickles

    Grindsploitation 4 is going to be nastier than ever, more shocking, more gore, more blood. Killer faux grindhouse film trailers a homage to the video nasty era of films.