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Watch this video and more on Troma NOW


  • The Vanilla Milkshakes - "Troma's Son...

    Enjoy the music video for "Troma's Song" from the band
    "The Vanilla Milkshakes"

    The Vanilla Milkshakes
    "Troma's Song"
    Troma Entertainment
    Stunted Growth Records
    Editor: Zachary S. Marsh

  • Remission

    As a man awaits the results of the latest biopsy at his secluded cabin,
    his dread amplifies when he suspects that he may not be alone. Is his fear playing tricks on his mind, or is something there, hunting him?


    What happens when, since you were a child you could not control your bladder. What would you do if you were ridiculed and made fun of your entire life? Where would it lead your mind, body, and soul knowing that you would urinate on yourself ... anywhere! any time! How would it feel going from bab...