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Fantastico Disasterpiece Theatre: Its a Blunderful Life



  • Fantastico Disasterpiece Theatre: Its...

    After having opened a rift in space and time, piñata unicorn, Francine traps Francois in purgatory, making him live out his own version of "It's a Wonderful Life!" Will Francois learn anything from this experience? Probably not. Fantastico hosts Don Dohler's "Night Beast."

  • Caged Beauty

    A woman is kidnapped by her deranged ex-husband and forced to perform a series of challenges in order to win her freedom.

  • Lullaby Of Ukraine

    Dedicated to the Children of Ukraine, victims of the brutal Russian invasion: children are dying. Repost this video, share with friends and like-minded people, and express your point of view: Let everyone ask themselves and the leaders of their countries: what else has to happen, what arguments a...