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Watch this video and more on Troma NOW

Make your Own Damn Horror Film! Featuring Kane Hodder And Bill Mosley!



  • Monty Python Presents: A Liar's Autob...

    At the New York Comic-Con (2011) Lloyd Kaufman moderated a Q&A panel for the directors and producers of "A Liar's Autobiography". A 3-D animated movie based on the autobiography of Graham Chapman, the deceased member of the comedy troupe "Monty Python" (of "Monty Python's Flying Circus" fame).

  • The Booming Baritone Behind The Toxic...

    Remember, he's not just another pretty face, he is also a lovely speaking voice! Watch (and learn) how the Toxic Avenger goes from sounding like a normal human in a rubber mask to heroic protector of Tromaville (and Japan for that brief time in the 80's).

  • An Artist's Guide To Film Financing W...

    In 2014, Lloyd Kaufman was invited to the Fantaspoa Film Festival in Brazil. While there Lloyd had a chance to sit down and talk with legendary LGBT filmmaker Bruce La Bruce to talk about his work and how he manages to find funding.