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Watch this video and more on Troma NOW


  • Reunion Of Champions

    A quirky dramedy about a group of diverse fighters with special abilities who once saved the world from a great evil, who then reunite years later while coping with the mundane existential ennui of crumbling marriages, unfulfilling jobs, and drug abuse.

  • Bobo Touch Helpline - The Kisser

    A creepy man named "The Kisser" attacks strangers on the NYC subway, by handing out unwanted kisses and inserting bugs into their mouths. Community helpline 'Bobo Touch' takes extra measures to solve this case.

  • Could I Kiss You?

    A boy is wronged by his old mother. He decides to take revenge by killing her. But the night arrives, which is filled with ghosts and obsessive memories for the young man, in love with Martina. When he sees her, he will meet another girl, who reveals the truth to him: he was looking for a mother,...