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  • State Of Mind

    Directed by Reginald Adamsom
    Starring Leo Franquet, Lisa Gaye, Don Hannah, Paul Naschy, Jill Schoelen, Manouk van der Meulen, Fred Williamson

    Deep in the country side, strange events are occurring that aren’t quite explainable. An explosive car accident leave a husband and wife clinging to th...

  • Superstarlet A.D.

    Directed by John Michael McCarthy
    Starring Kerine Elkins, Gina Velour and Michèle Carr

    Superstarlet A.D. is a unique erotic Beauty Cult. Leader, Brunette Naomi, has one quest in life – to find her grandmother’s ancestral burlesque film. But can she and her lover Rachel accomplish this when the p...

  • Garden Of The Dead

    Directed by John Hayes
    Starring Philip Kenneally, Duncan McLeod, John Dennis

    Convicts on a chain gang sniff expermental formaldehyde fumes to get high. They attempt a prison break and are shot down by the guards. Buried in the prison garden, they rise from the dead, killing all in their pat...