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Watch this video and more on Troma NOW


  • Out Of Time

    Directed by Akdov Telmig
    Starring Marcia Gray, Don Hart, Joy Marquart

    A scandalous story of love, mystery and murder that is full of deceitful twists and turns. A piercing and nail-biting adventure!

  • Virgin Beasts

    Directed by Toby Zoates
    Starring Michelle Granieri, Simon Reptile, Chris Donovan, Mark Easton, Goose Pressley, Toby Zoates

    Just when you thought it was safe to trust nuclear power as a clean energy source, along comes Troma to serve up yet another incredible tale of radiation and eradication,...

  • Final Showdown

    Directed by David Heavener
    Starring Vinny Lee, Kelly McClung, Jillian McWirther

    Hung, a righteous Vietnamese immigrant, is in search of two things: a better life in America and to find the man who brutally murdered his sister. A romance blossoms with Janet as she too becomes involved in the fig...