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  • Not Another Mistake

    Directed by Anthony Maharaj
    Starring Richard Norton, Michael John Meyer, Wren T. Brown

    This move is about an Australian (Norton) turned American ex-Special Force Namn Vet whose daughter and wife is killed and he hits rock bottom. He is then recruited to finding some missing MIA’s at the form...

  • Electra Love 2000

    Directed by Jay Raskin
    Starring Robin O'Dell, Gregory Pitts, Trent Mullins and Playboy Playmate Susie Owens

    Electra Love 2000 is a lurid and lustful tale of forbidden family love, betrayal and murder. Born with the beauty of the gods, Electra's lust for sexual gratification is exceeded only by...

  • Digital Prophet

    Directed by Christopher Romero
    Starring Jeffrey Combs, Schnele Wilson, Blake Bahner, Annie Haslett

    In an age when everyone has access to a computer, the computers have access to everyone.
    It’s high speed terror on the informational superhighway as police detectives Meg Jordan (Schnele Wilson...