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Watch this video and more on Troma NOW

Revenge Of The Spaceman



  • Rednecks

    Director: John Birmingham (as John Angel)
    Stars: John Birmingham, Royce Hobson, Jeremy Ambler

    A group of rednecks go on an adventure to get fame, fortune and everything they have always dreamed of.

  • Heavy Mental

    Directed by Mike Hartman
    Starring Josh Hooper, Bart Allen Burger, Sharron Nelson, Angela Roberts

    Welcome to Detroit, home of the automobile, the assembly line, and heavy metal warfare! Ace Space, a young metal head, gets his life turned upside down when he receives a guitar possessed by the ...

  • Dr. Hackenstein

    Directed by Richard Clark
    Starring Phyllis Diller, David Muir, Anne Ramsey

    Dr. Hackenstein is a man trying to get his wife back together. With the right prescription for big laughs and gut-busting gore, the film follows the demented Doctor who would have his wife resurrected with the help of ...