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Watch this video and more on Troma NOW


  • A Nau dos Loucos - Mergulho e Decolag...

    With free eyes, an open heart, good friends and a handful of luck, Gurcius Gewdner revisits some of his adventures of the past five years, survives the relentless Russian winter and asks the following question: How far can an underground Brazilian film go?

  • Dildo Of The Dead / Anti Christmas Ca...

    Dildo of the Dead: A passion party goes tits up when a possessed dildo enters the equation.

    Anti Christmas Carol: Janie dreads her annual family Christmas Dinner. The only way she can stand up to her demons is by showing up infested with zombie rage.

  • Poe's Stories

    4 Friends tell Edgar Allan Poe Stories, each story having a twist ending or an added scene from the mind of Matthew Mark Hunter. The Raven, Tell-Tale Heart, The Black Cat, and Berenice.