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  • Felines

    When Max meets the mysterious and seductive Lily, she instantly falls head over heels in love. But Max soon realizes Lily is not who she seems and she finds herself trapped in a dangerous world of drugs, deceit and murder.

  • We All Think We're Special

    In this haunting drama, a night of reckless drinking compels a car mechanic to forcibly detox his best friend -- whatever the cost.

  • Hunter

    Lt. Ramsey Hunter's life changes when 3 cases hit him simultaneously. A rogue Cop Killer, a beautiful Tennessee runaway serial killer and his corrupt Police Captain boss blackmailing him. But only one of the cases leads him to an ending of universal truth.

  • Love Crime

    Jodi struggles with her inner demons and a destructive obsession toward her boyfriend Travis which leads to a horrific conclusion. Based on a true crime story.

  • Corpse Sniper

    The undead are former militia soldiers who are now indestructible snipers. A widow goes looking for the body of her husband but comes across a corpse that wants to end his new unjust life.

  • Among Them

    Two bank robbers and their hostage wait in a seedy coastal motel in the dead of winter for new id's to escape the law. When their tickets to freedom go missing, the three of them must find a way out before they turn on each other.

  • The People On The Roof

    A creepy story for bedtime. Just because parents don't hear things bumping on the roof, doesn't mean something's not there.

  • Rottweiler

    Training for a marathon, a runner meets a mysterious woman in trouble.

  • My Movie Girl

    Everything Adam knows about love, he learned from the movies. Unfortunately, Adam is no Cary Grant, and the closest he's come to experiencing true romance is one drunken night with his unrequited love, Kate. But that evening failed to live up to Adam's expectations, so he casts himself and Kate i...

  • Choke

    The lines between reality and fiction, and good and bad blur when both a nihilistic detective and a serial killer's affairs with a mysterious girl overlap.

  • Point Dume

    John Cassini, in the lead role, as the lonely-guy production assistant who gets caught up in the world's most complicated drug deal.

  • Fantastico Disasterpiece Theatre: Soul Splitting for Dummies

    Fantastico and Francois dive into the trenches to prepare for war as they celebrate Black Friday. Fantastico hosts the classic Troma flick, Troma's War!

  • Demon Metal Murder V: New Blood

    A fake trailer made for Texas Frightmare Weekend.

  • Murderballs & Wenn Krampus Kommt (double feature)

    There's a new sickness in town. Janie's got a hunger for human flesh.

    Wenn Krampus Kommt:
    The parents of a broken family are lacking the Christmas spirit. And it shows. Only Krampus and his elves can teach them a lesson in counting blessings.

  • #TheChallenge

    Found footage horror short film that follows two teenage girls take up a popular internet challenge to explore an abandoned haunted hotel. Delaney and Sarah decide to attempt the internet challenge of exploring the abandoned and haunted Hotel Alexandria with dire consequences.

  • The Hoot Owl

    A group of friends fight for survival when they disturb the deranged inhabitants of what was thought to be an abandoned estate deep in the woods of East Texas.

  • Clay Fields

    "Clay Fields" is a ghost story told partially in reverse in the form of a found footage VHS tape.

  • Scream for Christmas

    A Christmas party is interrupted by a violent psychopath in a Santa suit, a maniac with the powers of the Grim Reaper, a killer cheerleader, and a demonic ghost.

  • The Next Step

    A backstage Broadway Dance film.

  • Cursed

    After being fired from his boring office job, Buddy enlists the help of his witch roommate to put a terrible curse on his old boss.

  • Travis Turner

    A high school kid throws a party under strange circumstances.

  • The Wrong Sarah

    An FBI agent, on the trail of a serial killer who has traveled the country is targeting women with the same name, rushes to protect the next possible victim.

  • Sunset After Dark

    A struggling screenwriter finds himself in the middle of a murder investigation.

  • Sinful

    On the run after committing a horrific crime, newlywed couple Remy and Salem find themselves trapped in a mysterious house as a terrifying darkness closes in on them.