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Watch this video and more on Troma NOW


  • Banana Motherfucker

    Directed by Fernando Alle and Pedro Florencio
    Starring Fernando Alle, Ana Lucia Chita

    Six adventurers go on a quest for a mystical cemetery. After disturbing the dead, they trigger an ancient curse that will destroy the entire world! What starts as a small-scale attack eventually becomes to...

  • Dolly Deadly 1.5

    Produced and directed by: Heidi Moore
    Jonas Woolverton as Simon
    Justin Moore as Benji
    Chris Cortez as Marilee
    Original score by: Chad Canfield
    Sound design by: Madison Gridley
    Wretched Productions:


    Mark Vallin, a semi-famous horror novelist has started writing his next book, but it's coming slower than usual. Mark just can't find the passion to write the book, and is distracting himself with booze and cigarettes. However, one night when he goes to sleep he is awoken by some strange young ki...