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Watch this video and more on Troma NOW


  • Gift That Kept Giving

    When Terry McDorkle receives a strange gift in the mail, he desperately tries to seek out the sender, while fending for his life. Paranoia begins to eat away at his sanity, while the gift itself is waiting to drag its victims into a never-ending nightmare.

  • Exit Therapy

    After her untimely death, a woman attempts to find closure by haunting the man responsible for her demise.

  • This Night's End

    A young man comes to an impasse when his life in the "Swinger" lifestyle begins to catch up to him. He must decide what's more important; the concept of "the moment" or his future.

    Thom DeMicco - Director/ Writer

    Starring :
    Jen Elyse Feldy
    Johnny Ferri
    Margaret Finn

    Shoot Style Productions 2020