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Fantastico Disasterpiece Theatre: The Troma Season

Fantastico Disasterpiece Theatre: Its a Blunderful Life

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  • Fantastico Disasterpiece Theatre: Its...

    After having opened a rift in space and time, piñata unicorn, Francine traps Francois in purgatory, making him live out his own version of "It's a Wonderful Life!" Will Francois learn anything from this experience? Probably not. Fantastico hosts Don Dohler's "Night Beast."

  • Fantastico Disasterpiece Theatre: Whe...

    Director/Producer, Brendan Petrizzo, and an announcer that suspiciously sounds like Lloyd Kaufman, are beamed into the Tromaville Rec Center to host Francois' torturous game show. Fantastico interviews Petrizzo while hosting 1986's "Blood Hook!"

  • Fantastico Disasterpiece Theatre: El ...

    Fantastico deals with a demonic remote control and a possessed black phone, while attempting to host 1980's "The Children." Writer, C. Robert Cargill (The Black Phone, Doctor Strange, Sinister), channel surfs in for a fun chat!