Lower Spirits

Lower Spirits

2 Seasons

A comedy show about a paranormal investigator and a priest investigating ghosts, demons and cryptids.

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Lower Spirits
  • Possession

    Episode 1

    Eric and Brandon try to rid a girl of a demon.

  • Bigfoot

    Episode 2

    Brandon and Father Adams hunt for Bigfoot, running into people along the way.

  • The Day Off

    Episode 3

    The guys get a day off, well they have a meeting with Adam.

  • Hunt 237

    Episode 4

    The gang gets a gig at a hotel ballroom for the weekend.

  • Kill Pete

    Episode 5

    Pete brings a knife over for the guys to look at it.

  • Skinwalkers

    Episode 6

    After learning about a new book deal, Brandon and Father Adams get into an argument. Splitting up the hunts, they both have to figure out how to deal with their paranormal problem on their own.

  • Interview with Brandon from Lower Spirits

    Episode 7