Lower Spirits

Lower Spirits

2 Seasons

A comedy show about a paranormal investigator and a priest investigating ghosts, demons and cryptids.

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Lower Spirits
  • Bruce Of The Corn

    Episode 1

    The Lower Spirits crew received a call from Connie Hart a farmer from Hope, MI.

  • Bruce and the Hendersons

    Episode 2

    After a call from an old friend of Ranger Mark's the crew heads out in the woods in search of Bigfoot.

  • Bruce and Mr. Lee Lee

    Episode 3

    The Lower Spirits crew receives a call from Prof. Harold Dunbar to investigate one of his homes. Brandon, Father Adams, Ranger Mark, Prof. Dunbar, a confused student and a blind psychic take the case into their own hands.

  • Bruce and the Evil Dead

    Episode 4

    After the crew gets together for a night of board games, a stranger with a book shows up.

  • Bruce and The Barn

    Episode 5

    In the first-ever Lower Spirits night lockdown, the team heads to a haunted farmland in Michigan to try and discover exactly what is happening in the barn on Joe and Carole's farm.

  • Bruce and The Wrong Turn

    Episode 6

    The crew stumbles onto the wrong property while hunting for the Michigan Dogman.

  • Bruce and The Historic Masonic Temple

    Episode 7

    Brandon and Ranger Mark meet up with the rest of the crew to investigate at the Historic Masonic Temple in Bay City, MI. Although the owners are searching for answers, what the crew finds may be not what they want to hear.

  • Bruce and the Birthday Bonus Flashback Extravaganza

    Episode 8

    Told mostly through flashbacks, Prof. Dunbar shows the audience the history and character of the Lower Spirits crew.