11 Episodes

Welcome to the world of "RATSO"!

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  • RATSO Episode 1: Home Sweet Ho

    Episode 1

    Ratso is going to ask his boss for a promotion. Meanwhile, his mother, Marie, turns to her dear friend Mrs. Moldberg for advice on how to deal with her idiot son

  • RATSO Episode 2: Home on the Strange

    Episode 2

  • RATSO Episode 3: Eyes Wide Slut

    Episode 3

    Welcome to The Coo Club! Where the women are as shapely as the eggs they lay. Ratso tries to ask his boss, Sal Albino, for a raise but gets lured into a drug-fueled orgy instead.

  • RATSO Episode 4: One of the Good Ones

    Episode 4

    It's the morning after Bukkake Tuesday at The Coo Club. Ratso is mopping up when he is introduced to a very prominent figure in the Landfill Heights community: none other than the formidable business tycoon Corny Dump. Ratso is immediately taken with Corny's beautiful daughter, Ritzy Dump.

  • RATSO Episode 5: A Shrew Businessman

    Episode 5

    Ratso comes home from work a little worse for wear and tells his mother about his exciting meeting with Corny Dump. Marie is not impressed.

  • RATSO Episode 6: I Love Liza

    Episode 6

    Liza gets her own episode! Everyone is someone if you love them...

  • RATSO Episode 7: Out of Business

    Episode 7

    Sal is forced to sell The Coo Club to Corny Dump. He bids a fond farewell to all the rusty taps, rusty trombones, and hairy clams.

  • RATSO Episode 8: Drain the Boil

    Episode 8

    Corny Dump holds a press conference to name his new campaign finance manager! What an asshole!

  • RATSO Episode 9: Moral Turpitude

    Episode 9

    Ratso convinces Einstein to put in a good word for him with Corny Dump so he can get a position in his cabinet. Successful people see what they want and just take it.

  • RATSO Episode 10: No One Left to Speak for Me

    Episode 10

    Ratso realizes the error of his ways when Corny Dump reveals what a fascist piece of shit he is.

  • RATSO Episode 11:Tear Down This Fence

    Episode 11

    Ratso finally takes a stand against oppression. What a stupid asshole.