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Watch this video and more on Troma NOW

Trash Dos: Las Tetas de Ana L.



  • Dragon Fury 2

    Directed by David Heavener
    Starring Robert Chapin, Mike Norris

    The fate of the world is once again at stake! When a demonic wizard vows to enslave the future, only a hero from the past can save the present from becoming history.

  • The Killer Robots! Crash and Burn

    Four fallen robot gladiators are rescued from the scrap pile, turned into an elite group of mercenaries and sent on a mission to bring about a new age of enlightenment in a post-apocalyptic universe.

  • SASHA 2

    After the events of the first film Sasha a courier who works for the underground is sent away to Las Vegas to cool off while the smoke clears. But Sasha spends her entire time obsessed with one question "Who killed my parents?" It is this dangerous question that leads her on a journey from Las Ve...