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Watch this video and more on Troma NOW

Grindsploitation 8: Drive-In Grindhouse



  • Clownsploitation

    The creator of Troma'a Grindsploitation producer Tony Newton (Body Bag Films, Vestra Pictures) and Sam Mason Bell (Trash Arts)
    who together brought you Troma's "Toxic Schlock" and "Conspiracy X" now unleash another horror anthology straight from the jaws of hell!
    Be prepared for evil clowns, psyc...

  • Grindsploitation 666

    Directors: Tony Newton, Michael Leo Centi, et al.
    Stars: Lloyd Kaufman, Logan Fry, Dawna Lee Heising

    Faux horror film trailers featuring witchcraft, demons, devils and a lot of satanic and schlocky fun. More gun's n'babes, hunks in trunks and slime filled Grindhouse and Exploitation shorts.

  • Schlocksploitation: Grindsploitation 5

    Directors: Tony Newton, Adeel Abbasi, et al.
    Stars: Nadia White, Sammie Lei, Jesse L. Green, et. al.

    An exploitation anthology from twisted minds that brought you Grindsploitation, Grindsploitation 2: The Lost Reels , Grindsploitation 3: Video Nasty, and Grindsploitation 4: Meltsploitation!