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Watch this video and more on Troma NOW

Slashening: The Final Beginning



  • Nuke 'Em High Cretins - "CRETINS SELL...

    "Cretins Sell Dope"

    Guitars & Bass: Vanik
    Drums: Noah C Buchanan

    Everything recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Vanik at: Mercinary Studios Cleveland, Ohio
    Lyrics and vocals by: Super Tromette Double Dementia
    Music by Vanik

  • Mirror Of Death

    Directed by Deryn Warrin
    Starring Julie Merril, Janet Rasak, Hohn Reno, Richard Fast

    Tired of being treated like an outcast? Fed up with being the ugly duckling?,,The Troma Team is proud to present Mirror of Death, a story of one miserably insecure woman's hellish life of subjugation, domestic a...

  • Pot Zombies 2: More Pot, Less Plot

    Director: Justin Powers
    Stars: Andy Arrasmith, Jayson Atz, Aaron Barker Marijuana smokers turn into zombies with the "munchies" for human flesh when a strain of radioactive pot infects the stoners of America. A hilarious warning sign of what may come from the legalization craze sweeping the nation.