All I Need To Know About FILMMAKING  - Audiobook

All I Need To Know About FILMMAKING - Audiobook

Please enjoy this audiobook, available in both the complete ZIP file (with all the chapters) as well as individual chapters (for those low on space, or who want to enjoy at their own pace).

"All I Need To Know About FILMMAKING I Learned From THE TOXIC AVENGER: The Shocking True Story of Troma Studios."

Written by Lloyd Kaufman and James Gunn, with an introduction by Roger Corman!

This is the true story of the moviemaking maverick who co-founded an independent studio almost Forty years ago in a humble broom closet... who used raw hamburger, Karo syrup blood, and Bromo-Seltzer vomit to create films of questionable artistic and moral value... who battled the MPAA rating board to bring his outrageous vision to the screen... who rejected Madonna after an audition... who defied the Hollywood system and slapped the face of the industry... and who built a B-movie empire filled with Hard-Bodied Lesbians, Surf Nazis, Kabuki Cops, Nymphoid Barbarians, and a lone hero known as The Toxic Avenger.This is the story of Troma Studios. A story of guerilla filmmaking at its cheapest, of the American Dream torn limb from limb, and of topless starlets menaced by obscene rubber puppets.

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All I Need To Know About FILMMAKING  - Audiobook